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The App

At Club Cars, we believe in being at the forefront of technology. With this in mind we have launched our Smartphone App.

The App is available for both the IPHONE and ANDROID, for you to download from the App Store. You can also scan the QR code at the bottom, this will take you straight to the download!

The App is an excellent example of how we like to move with the times. It is so easy to use, It only takes a couple of taps to make a booking, You can track your vehicle as it is on its way to you!

The App keeps a list of your favourite pick up points, making life all the more easier for you.

Texts, you will receive a Text informing you your car is on its way. You will also receive a Text when it has arrived! finally when you have completed your journey you will receive a text, thanking you for your custom and giving you the opportunity to send us feedback about your trip and the service you have received.

We welcome feedback that is both good and bad your feedback counts.

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Scan the code to go straight to the download!

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