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At Club Cars we believe in giving you value, without compromising on service!

We are still only £2.70 for the first mile! giving you value!

All our vehicles have meters installed in a prominent central position so that you can easily see it! The meters ensure you receive an accurate price for your journey, preventing any discrepancies.

The price for our first mile is still only £2.70.

All Journeys go on the meter, unless a set fare has been agreed in advance

A sample of some set fares is shown below. These are based on a departure point of Leeds City Centre.

You will need to take into consideration any extra mileage for departures from elswhere. Our operators will be pleased to advise you.

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Set Fares

Set fares must be agreed at the time of booking! these examples are based on departing from Leeds City Centre.


Birmingham                                                                                                  £135

East Midlands                                                                                                £95

Edinburgh                                                                                                     £245

Gatwick                                                                                                        £245

Glasgow                                                                                                       £245

Heathrow                                                                                                     £215

Leeds / Bradford                                                                                           £15*

Liverpool                                                                                                      £90

Luton                                                                                                           £195

Manchester                                                                                                  £60

Newcastle                                                                                                    £120

Robin Hood                                                                                                  £55

Stanstead                                                                                                    £195

*This fare includes the £2 parking/entry charge.


Alton Towers                                                                                               £125

Cleethorpes                                                                                                 £105

Chill Factore                                                                                                £55

Digger Land                                                                                                 £18

Flamingo Land                                                                                             £70

Gullivers World                                                                                            £80

Lightwater Valley                                                                                         £50

Meadowhall                                                                                                 £41

Pleasure Beach                                                                                            £105

Primrose Valley                                                                                           £95

Trafford Centre                                                                                           £55

Xscape                                                                                                       £20


York Races                                                                                                  £32

Wetherby Races                                                                                          £25

Doncaster Races                                                                                          £46

Kilnsey Dog Track                                                                                        £25

Pontefract Races                                                                                          £21

Ripon Races                                                                                                £45

Sheffield Dog Track                                                                                     £42